About Our Founder

My name is Ann Rudisill.

I am an Air Force veteran and proud to be a volunteer at the veteran’s court in Southgate, where I am able to mentor veterans involved in the judicial system. It was in this work that I became very aware that there were many everyday needs that were not being fulfilled; e.g. Food, clothing and shelter. The only access to any help for our veterans was in Detroit, which posed another problem: NO TRANSPORTATION, which has left many of our Downriver Veterans with no ability to access basic needs.

I decided I could not just sit back and do nothing and on April 7th, 2017, I formed the 501c3 – Downriver for Veterans, to date we have helped more than 350 veterans with food, shelter, paperwork and transportation to medical appointments.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that help me day to day to get our tasks done and to the community for any support they can give.

I can be reached anytime 734-934-0532 or e-mail me at ann@downriverforveterans.org ~ GOD BLESS AMERICA!