Mike Rowe leaves a whirlwind in his path each and every time he makes a stop with Lucien and the crew from Returning the Favor. Downriver for Veterans is no exception.  Since the show, we have been blessed with all the challenges any organization faces with strong, fast growth.
Returning the Favor is a new show on Facebook Watch, and Mike Rowe is the host.  They “search the country looking for bloody do-gooders”.  They found us.  ICYMI, take a look at this highly entertaining episode where he surprised Ann Rudisill and improved our ability to serve our veterans.

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More than 8 million views on FB Watch, and countless support from all over the country, and more importantly, from the Downriver Community.  With big growth comes big change, and if you’re a member, you have probably noticed the change in activity in our Facebook group.
One of the pleasant challenges we’re faced with is we have many more volunteers.  Where we once had a handful of people who were easy to keep organized with your memory, we now have an ample supply of people wanting to reach out and help. Picking volunteer lists out of a FB group feed is no longer working for us, we need to make sure we’re hearing all of you and putting you all to work!

Enter the Volunteer Meetings.  If you would like to help us carry out our mission, plan to join us on Wednesday, March 6, 6:00 pm at the warehouse.  We’ll be talking about upcoming projects, events and fundraisers, and passing around the volunteer sign up sheets.

Another change you may have noticed is the myriad of events pouring through the Facebook feed.  We’re working on getting our web presence spruced up, so please be patient during the construction. The good news is that we can finally share our events, and point people to our FB page, instead of the closed group.  Watch for more information regarding our web changes in the upcoming week.

Thanks, Mike Rowe, Lucien and crew of Returning the Favor.  It’s working for us here in Wyandotte.